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75 years of family tradition

About us

Our company specializes in spectacular fancy shaped diamonds, with an emphasis on superb makes and exquisite craftsmanship.

We provide leading international jewelers with diamonds for all types of jewelry and according to each specific measurement.

Ariel Weltsch, Manager

Our Philosophy

We aim to meet our clients every specification.

Over the years, we have provided clients with diamonds in a wide range of carats, colors, clarities and calibrations for all types of jewelry; from earrings and rings to layouts and tiaras.

Our Workmanship

Our workmanship meets the highest professional standards.

Following each request, rough diamonds are hand-selected and then cut and polished by expert fancy shape cutters. In conjunction with cutting-edge technologies, they are analyzed to ensure an optimal final product conforming with the specific requirements of our clientele.

The majority of our diamonds are GIA certified, while those which are not, are individually examined by our team of gemologists to ensure they meet GIA standards.

Our Story

Weltsch A story which began
75 years ago

After the outbreak of World War II, Mr. Oved Ben Ami, Ariel Weltsch's grandfather, travelled to London in 1940, and convinced the principals of De Beers to consent to the initiation of a Diamond Industry in Palestine.

On his way to Belgium, he persuaded a group of Belgian diamond cutters to immigrate to Palestine and help lay the cornerstone for the new diamond industry.

The first shipment of diamonds by the firm I. Henning & co., addressed to O. Ben Ami, arrived in the port of Haifa on April 4, 1940.

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KYC/KYS Procedures

Ariel Weltsch shall prepare a list of its customers and suppliers. The list shall refer to corresponding supplier / customer code numbers to ensure that the list is complete. Information collection - For proper identification of customer / supplier in line with the RJC / AML requirements, the following information relating to its suppliers / customer shall be available with the company. Name Registered address from where business carried out Residential Address in case of non-corporate entities Government issued identification number such as Business Registration Number, Social Security Number / Passport Number / Income Tax Number In case of corporation / partnership firm, the name under which business is carried on, address of the principle place of business, names of persons who will be authorized to transact business on its behalf, ownership structure. Nature of business and source of goods / funds. The following checks shall be carried out to authenticate the information (above) collected: All documents received from a supplier / customer contain the same information relating to any of the above requirements i.e. the address, telephone numbers etc. In case of doubt, the information obtained shall be verified from trustworthy sources or through personal verification like visit or contact through banks, through telephone calls etc.

The RJC Code of practices

The RJC Code of practices policy defines Ariel Weltsch standards on business ethics, human rights, social performance and environmental performance against which Ariel Weltsch is to be certified. A key feature of RJC certification is the requirement for independent third party auditing of Ariel Weltsch. management systems and performance. The RJC certification system also establishes mechanisms for early identification of issues, corrective action, and enforcement methodology. Ariel Weltsch Code of practices covers a wide range of sustainable development issues, and is applicable throughout the supply chain, from rough diamonds to jewellery retail to the final consumer. As Members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, Ariel Weltsch seeks economic, social and environmental benefits from its business activities so that the company contribute to sustainable development following the guidelines: • we are committed to conducting our businesses to a high ethical standard, and to ensuring integrity, transparency and conformance with applicable law. • we will not engage in bribery and/or corruption. • we will not tolerate Money laundering and/or financing of terrorism. • we will adhere to the Kimberley process Certification system and the world Diamond Council voluntary system of warranties. • we will take reasonable measures to ensure the physical integrity and security of product shipments. • we will respect the fundamental human rights and the dignity of the individual, according to the United nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. • we are committed to high standards of health and safety in our operations. • we will adhere to working hours and remuneration legislation, • we will conduct our business in an environmentally responsible manner.

Ariel Weltsch

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